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RSS Magchandler2

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Maddie's right. Sure bullying can make out to be a great story of tragety and adversity one day and in some instances, people do need to suck it up, but that doesn't make it right. Bullying is awful; no one wants to be the kid eating their lunch alone in the bathroom stall.

Joking around with your friends is fine but you've got to be careful because sometimes it can be mistaken for harrassment. Remember to boost them up more than tear them down. It's a gamble; you'll never know if they'll take something the wrong way.

I'm not a very religious person but I do agree with you. People should have the right to express their beliefs however they want as long as it doesn't go too far. If it starts violating the law and hurting people, then there's a problem.

A useful link presenting both sides of the argument:

2 points

Weed shouldn't be llegalized with the exception of medical purposes. I don't know how the country would make that law but they would have to be strict. It should only be accessible with a doctor's perscription.

Yeah that's true, they will work for less money while Americans will ignore jobs that "don't pay enough." This reminds me of the Industrial Revolution when immigrants were stuck with the tough, low-paying jobs.

2 points

I agree, the Civil War is proof of what can happen if states have too much power. Everybody starts arguing and then you have a war on your hands. A strong central government supports a strong and united front.

"A house divided cannot stand."

-Abraham Lincoln

Censoring the Internet is like a parent blocking TV channels. It drives you crazy and you feel hurt that they don't trust you enough to let you watch what you want.

We're talking about our government here, people. Don't they have more important things to do like fix our economy? internet-censorship/

Things will get way more complicated if LGBT people don't get their rights. We were all told at some point that we should just be ourseleves. By not giving them their rights, you are taking away their ability for people to just be themseleves.

This can lead to terrible things like sucide, a common thing for gay people. Read the story of Tyler Clementi here:

2 points

Don't get me wrong, there are plenty of flaws in our goverment but you have to admit, without our branches then things would get choatic. They keep us organized. There are many ways to structuring a government and there is no right or wrong answer but some ways are better than others. At least we can say that there isn't one person calling all of the shots. The branches balance each other, but that's not the problem. The probem is that nothing is being resolved.

So it's ok for straight people to makeout but not ok for gay people? Our society has always shown us the straight relationship but they don't advertise gay relationships. In the real world, you will see a mix of both. People should be exposed to different types of relationships so that they can learn to be accepting and open-minded. By doing this, we are creating a new generation that understands and empathizes.

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