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RSS Zbradley

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1 point

I do agree that it should not be leagalized, because the numbers would explode, kids would want to smoke weed if their older brothers or sisters are doing it.

0 points

If the government would leagalize weed, the illeagal would be mad at the government and attack the leagal dealers. it would just be another war.

1 point

If the government took over the trading of drugs, alot of dealers and farmers would get extremly pissed and try to attack the government traders. So it would start a new war with the illeagal drug dealers and the leagal drug sellers.

1 point

I agree. If we would legalize marijuana kids would see older brothers or people they look up to doing it and would want to get into drugs right away without knowing what it does to their body. When kids grow up around smoking they tend to smoke when they get older and it would work the same way with drugs.

1 point

Showing other countries that we are a strong and confident country does not mean we are imperialistic. If the countries were not in the best of shape we helped them rise above were they were. Many countries are better now sence we helped them then before where they were struggling to keep people alive.

1 point

If that book was never created, there could be a lot more sick people from eating what the say was food.

1 point

I agree, every time we think of black people, we think of gangster, fried chicken, Kool-Aid, drug dealers. Why cant we just think of them as being like us?

1 point

In WWI nobody knew who started the war, so the soldiers were fighting each other and they had no idea why.

1 point

I agree, we needed that so our country would not be messed with and we can live in peace.

1 point

I agree if we had not went into the war when we did Germany would have taken the European front and the US would have been screwed

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