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RSS Salibs

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1 point

i think it was a sucess because they fixed houses that got destroyed and all that jazz like water electrical and sewage

1 point

If the reconstruction didn't happen the north would be in big trouble because all we made is motorcycles and cars the south makes guns, gas, oil ect. and we would have to pay hefty money for gas and oil and they would probably be at like 10$ a gallon.

1 point

I think the Reconstruction was a success because it untied the states together even though the north and south still have some segregation against each other but we all get along its not like we are having wars against each other.

2 points

Yeah like if a bunch of illegal immigrants voted for Obama then that would put a big dent in the vote count first they cant even vote second they would probably start stuff anyway

1 point

I thinnk that voter idlaws are a good thing so that they can keep everything fair when it comes to voting time so that one canidate doesnt get a crazy ammount of votes

1 point

I dont really have a problem with the laws because its like when you are 12 you dont really know anything about the candidates but when you are 18 you should know a little more

1 point

ye harrison you do have a mental disability but you need to try harder to get a job and maybe you will and your not homless so stay out of this

1 point

true but i have a mental disability and i almost got a job and again i think it is their fault for not being smart

1 point

homlessness is not a big issue its those peoples fault tthat they cant have a house because they cant get a job and because they cant take a shower

1 point

definately not good because what about those people that are like addicted to the lottery and trust me people are addisted to it soo i think it is bad

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