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RSS Jlentz

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1 point

Computers help us in so many ways today. I highly doubt anyone can despute about this. Finding information, playing games, to see what the wheater is like, or who one the Super Bowl. So this is only one fraction of what is in store for America.

1 point

World War 1 had to be very difficult as a mother and as a wife. Taking care of your child, doing chores, getting food, going to work at your job, etc. The hardest part though is to know if he is still alive or not.

1 point

Yes, your reasoning sounds right, but give examples to prove you are right

1 point

The today show, with John Stewart, was hilarious! Making fun of fox nation. Man, fox needs to get there act together! We talked about main topics with him, but in a fun way.

1 point

Why should we show how powerful we really are? That is stupid. We should be remembered as a country who gives help, who was kind and nice to our neighbors, and we never give up goals and dreams.

1 point

Yeah, especially if we were involved in the revolutionary war, Great Britain would try to gain some of their land back.

1 point

Yeah, that was a difficult war for us.

1 point

That map project was fun. For Westward Migration, we colored a map. The fun part was that we got to tear the map apart.

1 point

To be honest I don't know, but for whatever the reasoning- probably got made at someone for killing one of their allies.

1 point

That was rediculuos how that NBA lockout handled matters from NBA players, you know, "This player can't go here due that...." We learned this from current events.

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