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for protest against protest
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wall street protests

for protest

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against protest

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I am for the wallstreet protesters because they are allowed to use their freedom of speech.

Side: for protest
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I'm personally against the wall street protests. They're disruptive to everyday life and aren't that effective. They are taking money away from cities and destroying thing.

Side: against protest
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I am strongly against the wall street protests, it is a waste of time and i think they are abusing their power of free speech, they can have a say in whats going on without being disruptive and disrespectful. I think that they have crossed the line and it's gotten out of hand. It needs to stop because some people are getting upset and it's causing a bigger debate than what is needed. They can control themselves and be more mature about some things.

Side: against protest
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I'm against because they aren't using their freedom of speech the right way.

Side: against protest