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1 point

the democrats are afraid of the voter id laws because the law would cut down on illegal voters and they are worried that they might loose without the illegal votes

0 points

The US reconstruction was mostly a success, but we still have people flying confederate flags and supporting slavery, and we still have two groups of people who constantly fight with each other.

1 point

after the civil war the us had to reconstruct its country. the reconstruction did not require much building of ruined towns because the battles were fought out in fields or forests. the main tasks were to reunite its people,free the slaves, and build a new economy in the south. Iraq is different because it was not divided because of civil war but because of war with the united states. Also lots more city and infrastructure must be rebuilt in Iraq because the war was fought in the cities and tows.

1 point

if just ten people voted ten times, that would be 100 votes and that could make a huge difference.

1 point

the voter id law has nothing to do with how smart the voter is. its just to prove who you are

1 point

There was an election in Kansas that was won by 312 votes, and after a recount 341 of those votes were fraudulent.

1 point

A voter id should be required because when you go in to vote they ask who you are and cross your name off a list without confirming that that is who you really are. that allows for frauds and people who are not citizens to vote. You already need to show an id when you register so why not bring the same id when you vote?

2 points

making drugs illegal is a waste of money and resources, there is no reason to NOT make them legal. people shuld have the choice of what they want to do with their body, the government should not be telling peope what the can do to themselves. if they want to do it, then they should be able to do it, and their probably going to do it anyway. its also terrible that the minimum sentence for murder is less then you can get for posession of marajuana.-- of drugs can get you over 16 years.

2 points

i do not beleive illegal aleins should have any rights whatsoever, coming here illegaly forfited any rights you might have had. i also dontbelieve that illegal immagrants should be able to become a citizen by crossing the border illegally, and having a baby.the government should still kick them out.

1 point

americans havent forgotten that this is the land of oppurtunty. Most americans are ready and willing to work, but all the jobs are takedn by the illegal immigrants.

Winning Position: against protest

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