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RSS Tewoelfel

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1 point

It was just an armband, so why should be people be scared. They have the right to chariectrie them selves how ever the want. So I think people should just calm down about things.

1 point

Democrat Kathleen Falk to Run for Governor. Who do you think will win. candidacy

1 point

ABC tweet- "Reports are saying Rick Perry is dropping out of the GOP presidential race. Waiting on official confirmation." Would you really care bout this happening?

1 point

Yes but then maybe we wouldn't have this occupy wall street thing. And then we wouldn't have this tax the rich. If it was closed then people wouldn'tloose a lot of money when the economy goes down.

1 point

I agree with morgan a lot. What if you were raped, wouldn't you feel shameful for having this baby. And to look at that baby everyday day until it's grown up. Also what would you say if they asked you about their dad. Would you want to tell the truth or would you say a lie?

1 point

Technically this is not a free country, we still have laws that we have to follow in our county.

1 point

I agree with this, because what would've happened if the window broke?

1 point

Do you think that it's a good idea having a free market for our economy?

1 point

I agree with this because Scott Walker hasn't done anything bad. He saved our state from going into major debt. People are just crabby and crying because they have to pay more for health benifits. But in reality nothing comes on a sivler platter anymore, so they so just quit this recall thats gonna cost almost amillion dollars.

1 point

I think that it can be a good thing that we have computers for learning. But it can also distract us big time on our learning. We can play games like bubble shooter, or we can go on social networking sites. Also it can create a bullying problem because people can say mean things that hurt other people in the wrong way.

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I am probably a good person but I haven't taken the time to fill out my profile, so you'll never know!

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