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RSS Shanaynay151

Reward Points:13
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2 points

Yea I agree animals are people too and hurting them is wrong why have it if you want ot hurt it and what kind of state of mind are people in when they hurt them how ould you even do that!

I agree 9 MILION because "he isnt doing good enough and we ar lossing money" haha we just hurt our selves

You can't overdose and same as alcohol , ABUSE IT LOOSE IT

So if a women is 4 month pregnant and is told she is high risk or there is a problem that will kill her she should try to have it,,,UM NO! they have more of a right than tht baby to live a baby without a mother is worse than a women who NEEEEEDDDDS to aborting a baby.

Yea and what does alcohol do???? Yea thats right same thing so don't make an arugment the doesnt make sense weed Alcohol practicay are equal except weed is better for u!

Ben, I agree there isn't anything bad and that they arnt maeing what they say they are spreding awarness ans support for women wit hthe nasty deisease

We wantot recall governer walker but at what cost, people are so against him but he has done some good but everyone seems to only look at what he hasn't done, Not good, Plus wew can't live with him for a whil? It's castedd 9 MILLION so far, and what happens if he is relected, MONEY AND TIME WASTED!

Abortion is a bad thing it should only be used in one case though! If having the baby will kill you or the baby not making it in the first place, Bannin all abortion will make some peopel loose their lives because some high risk pregnancies will kill a women if not aborted, Women hve the right to live right?

I agree he has done good and noone has given him credit truth is people are seeing more taxes back this year so why be so hateful, It's only costing us 9 MILLION! yea thats right money wasted. <<<<<WHAT!!! We are using third world country children to test new drung what is wrong with us just because that have nothing doesnt mean it's right they don't deserve to be "lab rats" THis is so outrageous I'm appauled because thats worse than testing on animals, These people have rights and like people in the U.S deserve the right to choose to be part of a study not just used to be a tester with the U.s not knowing what it might so to them!

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I am probably a good person but I haven't taken the time to fill out my profile, so you'll never know!

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