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1 point

Pretty centrist argument. You could go either way from a moderate position to either party on any issue.

0 points

Enjoy the pros and cons of government regulation. Please try to back up each statement with evidence you found and that you make an inference on.

1 point

Are the Chinese not going to find out too much information about American secrets if we do not regulate what they see? It is a matter of national security as well as a risk to you private information.

1 point

You have the power to say what you think. What is the role of the government in telling people how and what they can say and do on the internet? Is the government suppose to protect you? Is our country in danger because of unrestrictive internet use?

1 point

Success was about freeing slaves and winning the war but were blacks really free and did the south ever accept losing the war? reconstruction was a success or failure?

1 point

Is the south in ways still catching up to the north or is that all done now? Socially and economically it may be iffy.

1 point

a lot of facts here but no real analysis. Blah blah on what it did, did it work and how do you know it did or didnot?

1 point

What proof do you have? inquire and explain please. You can't just throw out a blanket statement and not defend it. You need to find examples.

1 point

I did find you on the site! I need 50 characters so i can send so i wrote that

2 points

And that is called voter suppression which is illegal and undemocratic

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Winning Position: Should the government regulate the internet to protect users' privacy
Winning Position: Should the government regulate the internet to protect users' privacy
Winning Position: Voter I.D/suppression.
Winning Position: prohibition does not work
Winning Position: WWI
Winning Position: citizenship final discussion
Winning Position: Unresolved

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