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RSS Cjhauser

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1 point

The guy in Kiel was a case where it was everday to a point where it was bad and hurtful. At that point the kid should have spoken up and told people of his problems with the kids at his school. But it does make them stronger and if he would have spoken out to the teachers before hekilled himself he would have been a stronger man too. He would have known he doesn't have to put up with that and can take action to stop it

Supporting Evidence: How Beingg Bullied Has Made Me Stronger NY Times (
1 point

" An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind" And again killing someone in self defense or in an accident like falling then pushing someone off a ledge shouldn't result in death. And life in prison is much worse than a quick lethal injection. They do the same thing everyday and are just waiting to die. Keeping them in prison costs much less and killing the com miters of the crime isn't proven more or less effective as life in prison

2 points

Even with feeding them and a gym, we are wasting more money preparing their deaths by using costly lethal injections and spending thousands of dollars just killing poor people who have no money. And if you kill someone out of self defense when you were being attacked, you shouldn't be punished by death!

2 points

I agree that if it was legalized, our economy would benefit from it. But it would cause thousands of deaths from overdosing and should be sold limitedly. It isn't harmful occasionally but many people would abuse it and then it would become harmful

1 point

Scott Walker has helped Wisconsin by cutting beneifits and taking money given to others. Our Nation is $15 trillion in debt, it's going to take more than just one man to help this counttry out of this position.

1 point

All Walker had to do to fix Wisconsin was cut from peoples budget. He couldn't save our country by cutting more money from our pay check or benefits. We are 15 trillion dollars in debt it's going to take a lot more than just one guy and a couple of years to put this country in the spot it should be in

1 point

I believe that Sopa shouldn't be passed. If we allow the government to censor and edit the Internet, we will be told lies and any the news will be twisted and incorrect. They will block out any secrets or conspiracies that may led people agaisnt want they are doing

1 point

Our constitution was made for the states to be run by the Central government. They should have some freedom though so we don't become a country led by on man or one group of people. But we can't just let the states start making their own laws, and currency and other things

Supporting Evidence: National Government over State Government (
1 point

I agree they are taking jobs without education and don't even know our language but think they can live here. They are all criminals and the link is for the Pros and Cons of boder control

Supporting Evidence: Pros&Cons;Of Border Control (
1 point

Abortion is used as BIRTH CONTROL, in our country. Less than 1/5 of the abortion cases are because of rape. Most of them are unplanned pregnancy's and they just use abortion so they don't have the responsibility of taking care of the baby. They should at least try to supported it and not just get an abortion right away

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