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RSS Carabardon

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1 point

I think that gay rights should be allowed.. you can like whoever you want to.. its your choice.. people are just so discriminative and think that theyre so different from us but really theyre regular human beings..

1 point

I think the united states has an obesity problem.. like forreal. If we didn't have so much junk food and if we didnt offer it everywhere.. this wouldn't be a problem...

1 point

I agree, its embarassing living in the state with the highest amount of drunk drivers. It's mainly because of milwaukee which is known for brewing beer.

1 point

Weed should not be legalized.. it does nothing to improve human life.. it just makes you all impaired and crap and weird. You can find other ways to make money..

1 point

Weed should not be legalized.. it does nothing to improve human life.. it just makes you all impaired and crap and weird. You can find other ways to make money..

1 point

You'll never know why people are bullies unless you know what they're going through.. but sitll its never right. Theres other ways to cope, but they don't know how so they take it out on other people. Bullying is the most common form of violence in our society according to this link between 15% and 30% of students are bully victims.

1 point

People spend so much time debating on politics... it's kinda pointless.. live your life and let people have their own opinions.. there are even fatalities because of politics which is a big hunk of bologna. No one deserves to die.

1 point

I argree Michael a lot of the times, mexicans come here to start over.. but that can become a little judgemental.. because not all mexicans are like that. They are all judged just because of their herritage.

1 point

No elise. No. I accidently put this in supporting but that was on accident obvziz!!!!! If you're locked away, you could be given a life-sentence, but you also could be given a year amount term. Which just keeps them away for a while.. what if theyre let out of prison and go back to killing again. It is not safe to have serial killers walking around!! That means that you could be sitting right next to one right now and not even know it, i mean look behind you

1 point

I agree Maddie! If you don't have that much money.. then you shouldn't be taxed so much, but if you have lots of money than you should be taxed more. In this article it states that 71% of the wealthy agree that the millionares should pay more taxes and give more to charity.

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