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RSS Holentunder

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1 point

The Child Labor laws made working condtions for children less harsh. They no longer could work in factories and work under harsh condtioins

1 point

I found a link on the USS Maine. It tells you how they ship blew up and who they think did it

1 point

Our country is always in war. most of the time we get involved in wars with other countires. We get involved with stuff that dont matter to the U.S. We will always be fighting in one way or another

1 point I found this great racism website, CHECK IT OUT!!

1 point

I think that racism got worse when barack obama became preseident. I dont think he solved anything

1 point

I agree with you, people will always say and think what they want to about other people. wether they discrimnate by race, sex, or skin color. It is always going to be present

1 point

I agree. The movie that we have been watching really shows that they took the war as a joke. They thought it was all fun and games and that no one was going to get hurt. Then they finally realized when there freinds were getting hurt/ dieing that it was no longer a joke

1 point

We were very imperialistic because we tired to take over areas and show that we had more power

1 point

I agree. By showing other countires that we had power, and taking over areas we were very imperialistic

1 point

Yellow Journalism created many problems for many people. By saying stuff that isnt true, it caused a lot of problems.

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