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RSS BrentThiel

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1 point

I don't believe the Iraqi reconstruction was as much of a success as the Southern Reconstruction because the Iraqis have to physically rebuild everything: infrastructure, economy, etc. They also have very little support, with the U.S. Being the only supporters. Also, the whole country was completely demolished, whereas, the south was only a half of the U.S. and therefore, could afford the assistance of the North.

0 points

I believe that the Southern Reconstruction was a success because overall as a country, we're a lot better than how many years ago. I mean yes, at first, the South did not want to cooperate with the laws given to the slaves and had formed groups against those laws, however, over time, the country as a whole fought through it, and we are still currently making progress.

1 point

Honestly, do you think you could really get in line to vote 10 times? The people would probobly catch you before you make your second vote.

1 point

Honestly, do you think you could really get in line to vote 10 times? The people would probobly catch you before you make your second vote.

0 points

Well, we WANT to get rid of the illegal voting. Therefore, a Voter ID should be necessary.

1 point

Well, I think that voter IDs should be somewhat necessary because people shouldn't be able to vote more than once. However, there are other ways to use as identification such as a Driver's License, however most people don't have a Driver's License and I do believe Voter IDs should be issued. So therefore, even with both a Driver's License and a Voter ID, we can recognize which people are legal or illegal.

1 point

You brought up a good point. But maybe those people have a mental disability and they're not able to get a job.

1 point

Uhh I suppose that's a good point, but you know people always have the option NOT to drink soda.

1 point

I agree with you as long as their not being disruptive. It's a really good idea to raise breast cancer awarness.

1 point

Homelessness is a big issue that I see in this world. In any big city, you will find homeless people on a lot of roads or under bridges. I think that more homeless shelters should open up to help these people. However, I don't think we have enough money to do that stuff.

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