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RSS AprilMarie15

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10 most recent arguments.

Agreed. Like my religious point of view you shouldnt at all but sometimes the situation is bad so you wouldnt be able to live without getting an abortion.

I <3 Boobies bracelets.

I have 2 of them and i think they are awesome. I think you shouldnt get in trouble for wearing them if you are supporting breast cancer.

^^^^^^^^rights that gays have in wisconsin.

i disagree. I think that people should not be allowed to carry weapons because uk how many people are gunna get shot?! There is a lot of violence and stupid people in this state so i think when they make a law that makes carrying weapons is fine.

I think SOPA is the stupidest thing ever! taking away everything that people put on the internet would take away TUMBLR, wikipedia, youtube, and soo much other stuff. I would die. They shouldnt censor the internet.!

who in the frik would do that? Thats soo messed up why would you take people from third world countries and test our drugs on them and see if it could help them of kill them. and yeah their parents might just want something because they are so poor but why would you let your kid do that anyway. at least have you do it or just dont do it.

yea hand a lot of people say that people are only gay because they hear about other people and they think they are cool. Gay is not a choice. People dont choose to be gay or lesbian. They just are. If they decide to get married who cares. Its their decition and i only affects them and their family.

A lot of people think that racism is over but honestly there are so much people that are still racist and dont want anything to do with black people. Black people are the same as white people. We were all made equally so people shouldnt judge black people. Yeah some black people are troublemakers but a lot of them are nice and people dont have to go of the stereotypes of blacks.

I agree. Abortion is something that people think is okay. Some people make the discussion "oh but what if i was raped"?i think you should still keep the baby but just give it up for adoption. If it is affection you and the babys health like your both going to die if you go through with the pregnancy i thinks its a different story but still. Abortion is wrong.

Every president is going to say that they are going to fix everything that is wrong. Obamas not a horrible president. He just needs time to do they things he has planned. If he is impeached or he isnt president for another term it just is going to put us more in debt. If he can do the things he has planned the next president it just going to end that and thats just more wasted money that is down the drain because he never finished what he started because he couldnt. Lets just say that he wanted to build a series of skyscrappers to create jobs, so he starts doing it and then he cant finish and they just stop building it, thats a lot of money down the drain that we would be able to get back if people worked there we could get it payed off.

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