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 US History Final Discussion (4)

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US History Final Discussion

This final discussion is on topics that are created,  researched, and defended by students from the first semester of us history at phs. An outline of the final discussion can be found on


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Conspiracies also had filled peoples heads with nonsence. The newspapers wrote what they wanted the Americans to believe. This even started wars. The spainsih american war was started this way.

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The United States have been an imperialistic country. Lets just look at roosevelt. During Roosevelts presidency the panama canal was a big imperialistic move. Our empire now could go all the way from the carribean to the Pacific. We could be more controlling now that our navy could manuever easier.

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The US has also been a very progresive country. America has been ahead of many countries. We made many rules during the progressive era. We could not stay with the bad treatment and conditions that were present.

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The western expansion was hard journey but worth it in the end for some. The most people who moved out were people who were rejected and were immagrants in the first place.